The BC Caring and Sharing Relief Fund

A Biblical, Debt Sharing & Caring Program

Administered By Beyond Christmas Ministries
​The Random Acts of Kindness and Compassion People™

The Beyond Christmas Caring and Sharing Relief Fund

The BC Caring and Sharing Relief Fund is a volunteer led, mutual aid initiative, where members can help and be helped.

How It Works


This is a grant, a compassionate gift from the nonprofit and it's supporters, that you DO NOT have to pay back. Everyone pays it forward for someone else.

Each Member (Supporter) donates $12.50 for another Member's use, to help meet that Member's needs. Member's are encouraged to donate $12.50 for each Member that they wish to help.

Help 1 Member - Donate $12.50 Help 4 Members - Donate $50.00
Help 2 Members - Donate $25.00 Help 5 Members - Donate $62.50
Help 3 Members - Donate $37.50 Help 6 Members - Donate $75.00

* Each additional member is $12.50

​Funds are then pooled and shared among Members, on a first come - first served basis, in increments, as dictated by requests, and a special algorithm that is used to disburse the funds.

Our thank you gift for your donation is a personalized, digital 2021 calendar.

As a Christian organization, we reserve the right to determine membership approvals based on how funds will be used.

About Us

The BC Caring and Sharing Relief Fund is a volunteer led, mutual aid initiative, where members can help and be helped.

Together with donors, Beyond Christmas Ministries will address a number of unmet needs facing individuals, families and small businesses, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and other crises.

The relief fund is a powerful solution for those that may have been laid off or permanently discharged from a job, as well as an alternative for those needing to replace an income in order to care for children, elderly parents, grandparents, or other loved ones. Assistance can be received once, or ongoing as funds become available.

You can donate securely online using your debit or credit card by clicking here.


The BC Caring and Sharing Relief Funds is a volunteer led, mutual aid initiative, where members can help and be helped. Go ahead and click on 'Become A Member' because your membership has already been paid for by Beyond Christmas and/or one of our caring Members!

Membership 'qualifies' you to receive financial assistance to help keep you in your home, provide food, pay medical bills, keep your small business open, open a small business, and a number of other approved causes.


Contact Us

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If you’d prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to Beyond Christmas.

Mail to: Beyond Christmas Ministries
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